Thursday, September 12, 2013

EDLD 5397 Week 3 Web-Conference

The week 3 web conference was full of helpful tips from Dr. Borel. She announced that all of our site superfvisors have been e-mailed the PISE and Dispositions for Educators Survey, and again reminded us that the surveys and reflections are due by the end of week 5. She gave a reminder to read the weekly overview posted on the google site and also to meet with our field supervisor before the end of week 5. Next, she went over the requirements of the Internship Log and stated that reflections must be made on all 38 competencies. We did a very helpful APA activity where Dr.Borel gave us the citations with mistakes and walked us through the corrections. I really enjoyed this activity because it helped me to see that I am on track. Last, Dr. Borel covered more about the action research project paper. We must adhere to the APA format and follow the template and rubric in order to get credit. She stated that reports that do not follow the template will not be graded. Overall I am very impressed with the format and overviews that Dr. Borel is presenting at the web conferences. These have been so much better than any of the other courses I have taken. I think it helps that there are less than 20 participants in the conferences as well.